A tailor-made, intensive English bridging programme for students who have newly settled in Hong Kong.

Fukien Middle School (North Point) offers students who have newly settled in Hong Kong a tailor–made, intensive English bridging programme with levels ranging from Primary 1 to Secondary 3.

Class Streaming
Students are streamed based on their levels of proficiency, instead of their ages or grades. The measure can ensure the content offered in the curriculum addresses students’ genuine need. It is anticipated that students will be equipped with a decent level of English proficiency after the six-month programme, thereby facilitating their subsequent transfer to local mainstream primary and secondary schools.

Small Class Teaching
The school adopts a small class teaching approach (about 20 in a group) in order to optimize students’ learning outcome. Such an arrangement enhances students’ degree of engagement and interactivity in classes. In addition, afterschool and holiday remedial classes are offered.

English E-Learning
The school provides students with e-learning opportunities. e-books and e-games are introduced into English lessons to stimulate students’ learning interest and to learn the language more effectively.

Native English Teacher
A Native English Teacher is employed to allow students to be exposed to the Received Pronunciation (RP) accent. The introduction of a Native English Teacher is expected to reinforce students’ level of competence in reading, writing, listening and speaking skills.

Suggested Websites for English Learning